Warnings That You’re About to Purchase a House with Mold Issues 

The whole procedure of purchasing a house can be complex and must be full of details. There are a lot of things you need to do that needs your full attention, such as making sure that the property you are investing in is entirely safe and healthy. If you purchase a house with an existing mold issue, it could take a toll on the health of your family and can be very expensive to repair. With this in mind, it’s essential to have a mold inspection to make sure that the house is safe for you and your family to reside in. Below are the major warning indicators that you are yet to invest in a home with mold issues: 

Roof leaky or overhang 

When the overhang of a roof is extremely short, it can be one of the reasons why rainwater gets absorbed into the masonry and exterior walls. Apart from that, when the roof has leaks and water gets absorbed into the ceiling, then most of the outcome would turn out as molding. 

Lot slope 

Take a look at the slope of the property’s lot. When it slopes toward the house, that means that the house usually experienced flooding in the foundation and basement. Every time heavy rains take place and the water leaks into the basement, the mold will eventually develop and become severe mold problems.  

Laundry and bathroom vents 

Make sure that the home’s laundry and bathroom vents are directed toward the outdoors. Otherwise, the vent’s humidity potentially leaks into the property’s ceiling, crawl space, or attic. Such excess moisture can result in mold issues.  


Fridges that have built-in ice makers need a water supply right into the freezer. Such lines of water supply can leak and would usually have to be changed. When the leak gets into the flooring, walls, or cabinets, then mold growth might be experienced in the future. 

Indoor humidity 

Any form of water within the house can cause humidity levels to increase. For instance, a big aquarium or a jacuzzi spa could be the ideal ingredients for issues to develop. Apart from that, when a built-in humidifier is present in the heating or cooling system, humidity would move all over the house, which can boost the possibility of mold development.  


As soon as you enter the house, check for signs of water damage and moisture. Any stains found on a home’s ceiling or carpet are both signs that the house has encountered leak issues. Mold can develop on the padding found below the carpet, the drywall, and even on the carpet itself. 

Contact the experts for your water damage problem 

Regardless if you want to get your whole basement waterproofed or you want to fix your water or mold issues in any home, do not hesitate to contact a certified contractor who can do mold or water damage restoration Oahu or a general contractor to help you out. For more articles like this, you may visit our page more often.  

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